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Philips HD11 XE

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The Philips HD11 XE offers 2D, 3D and 4D imaging for the creation of ultrasound images with different perspectives. The ultrasound machine's broadband beamforming technology optimizes image creation and data processing for more accurate and detailed diagnostic reports. A one button image optimization tool, iSCAN, adjusts images produced by the system's Adaptive color Doppler, PW and CW Doppler imaging modes for more comprehensive diagnosis. The ultrasound machine is also designed with an ergonomic telescoping keyboard and a 17-inch LCD monitor on an articulating arm for easier ultrasound imaging processes. The DICOM structured reporting option of the Philips HD11 XE allows organized and systematic report generation.


  • PW and CW Doppler
  • Adaptive color Doppler
  • 3D and 4D imaging
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging
  • SonoCT
  • DICOM networking
  • 17” LCD monitor on articulating arm
  • 3 active probe ports (2 parking ports)
  • Telescoping keyboard
  • Fusion key (optimize to patient type)
  • Inversion Harmonic Imaging
  • Intelligent Doppler
  • Hi Q
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Adaptive Color Doppler
  • Pulse inversion Harmonic Imaging
  • Broadband beamforming
  • 3D with Multiplanar Reformatting
  • Quantitative volume
  • STIC (Spatial-Temporal Image Correlation)
  • iSCAN
  • DICOM Structured Reporting
  • 2 USB ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Video in and out ports

  • Sector Array
  • S7-2 Omni TEE
  • S7-3t Pediatric TEE
  • C5-2 Curved Array
  • C6-3 Curved Array
  • C8-5 Curved Array
  • C9-4 Curved Array
  • C9-5ec Curved Array
  • C8-4v Endovaginal Curved Array
  • 3D9-3v Endovaginal Curved Array
  • L9-3 Linear Array
  • L8-4 Linear Array
  • L12-3 Linear Array
  • L12-5 50mm Linear Array
  • L15-7io Compact Linear Array
  • D2cwc CW (Pedoff)
  • D5cwc CW (Pedoff)
  • D2tcd PW
  • 3D6-2 Curved Array
  • 3D8-4 Curved Array
  • V6-2 Curved Array
  • V8-4 Curved

  • S-VHS recorder
  • Color printer
  • Black and white printer